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Mandar ShindeSoftware Developer

  • I am a Software Developer at Accops. I mostly work on developing product based on remote desktop communication protocol using C++, Qt and other technology as per project requirements. I contribute on product development for Windows, MacOS and embedded platform.


    Android is the primary technology to work on for trying new features available on android and making apps. I work on OpenGL/Vulcan when I am not at office. This is the technology which makes you think more than you have to write. I am quite fortunate to have a good team to work with embedded components like MP430, RaspberryPi 2... Sometime I try web technologies like Polymer, Angular for updating my web skill and maintain this website.


    I am a classic video gamer with PG-13 censored language. I would prefer computer games over cricket. I can guarantee command and conquer is the best RTS game and for FPS I am always in mode of "challenge accepted"(I am serious :-) )


    I believe HTML5 and HTTP/2 will truly improve the web. I am really looking forward for dart and polymer.


    I am super fan of This is world most best thing after food (and again I am serious :-) ).

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    2016 Nov
    • Accops Completed three years at Accops.
    2013 Nov
    • Sterling Systems Completed Super Two years
    Lucky FEB
    Product Launched
    2011 JAN
    Master Of Computer Science University Of Pune
    Formally certified with the degree for qualifing formal exams, spending awesome time with learning science of digital life with best teacher and friends. …
    Primary best days of my life The College
    • Bachelor of Computer Science Modern College, Shivajinagar Pune.